L I F E    C R I S I S (2013-14)

In this section, I explore how big changes in how I perceived life occurred in the fall semester of my junior year and how these changes are reflected in my writing. From rethinking relationships to constantly visiting career counseling to figure out what on Earth I'm doing with my life, that period was an intense moment of reflection. The reflection on my purpose as a writer, how to write, and how I should write are very visible in these works. 

This collection of work reflects the way that by working on a screenplay in SAC 310 (The Feature Film Script), I redeveloped my perception of life at large. The first document is the original treatment I wrote for the class, the second document is the final product, and the third document is a blog I wrote for the Sweetland Writing Minor that reflects upon the change that occurred between these two works. It was a key moment for me as a writer because it taught me the way the craft of writing can be a huge learning experience in how to perceive life.


Food, Energy, and the Environment

This collection of works displays the way in which my interest in public health through nutrition and the environment began to demand my attention and make me reconsider my life path. The first document is a blog that I wrote for the Sweetland Writing Minor that reflects on this, and the other two documents are reflections from BIO 101, the class that made me more and more interested in a life purpose outside of writing for the entertainment industry. These works together display the moment in my writing where I had to reconsider my purpose as a writer and as a global citizen. 


In this collection of works, I explore the way my application essays for two important opportunities both express an anxiety over my life trajectory yet a hope for using the opportunities to make a direction for my future. The first application is the letter of interest to the Sweetland Writing Minor, and the other is an application to study food systems in Cuba in May through the University. Both reflect the way I addressed an audience with honesty over where I was as a writer, but still kept my future malleable to their programs. Luckily, I got into both experiences and would be going to Cuba in May.