Experimentation (2012-13)

In this arrangement, I investigate the point in time as a storyteller in which I began to explore more experimental works. One major part of this exploration was a growing intrigue with the visual versus the verbal, which convinced me to become a Film major at U of M. 


Color at its Core

In this analytic essay, I dissected the visual elements within Spike Lee's, Do the Right Thing. The essay is an example of my seminal understanding of visual semiotics and their ability to be used as a powerful tool in meaning making. It changed the way I thought of storytelling, making me not think of a writer as just someone who works with words, but as someone who works with visuals as well. 


Intimate Objects

In this full-length play, I experimented with telling the mental stories of characters through the projections upon screens. Because of this, there was the organic world of real actors on the stage, and the artificial world of the projections. This seemed quite fitting for a play about technology addicts. It was important to my writing because it was my first experiment with using visual exploration to tell a story. 

Buñuel Bibliography

As I became more interested in visual storytelling through film, I discovered my fascination with surrealism  This avant guarde movement struck me as both very entertaining and also gave a clearer voice to the ideas I had already thought of on the way social constructions control art. In my Classical Film Theory class, I became even more interested in this and chose to incorporate it into our assigned annotated bibliographies. This annotated bibliography on the seminal surrealist film director, Luis Buñuel, demonstrates my investment as a writer in researching the surrealist film movement about which I wanted to write. The work makes tangible my growing interest in experimental visual storytelling and the politics connected to it.