Directing and Writing Showcase


In order to make a truthful investigative film on Drag and gender, I became the subject of the very film I was directing. In it, I must learn how to practice the art of Drag and perform it for a competition. The film is a meditation on identity, reality, truth, and the inevitable manipulation that comes with storytelling. Created by: Levi Stroud; Shannon Cash; and Amanda Swoger.


The Act of Framing
This work is a personal essay documentary that explores topics of online-dating angst, the construction of self through technology, and the isolation of the modern condition. Created by Levi Stroud.


Permanent Culture
A current finalist for the 2015 Social Media Impact Awards, Permanent Culture documents the journey of Joseph, a man who once worked in exploitative sugarcane fields but then found work at Palos Farm. At this permaculture farm, Joseph has not only found more fulfilling work, but also acquired leadership and ecological knowledge that allows him to now be a pillar of support for his family and community. Through his journey, the film explores the benefits of sustainable farming for both the environment and workers. Produced by: Sam Robins; Directed by Levi Stroud; Cinematography by: Daniel Davis; Edited by: Lesa Dowdy.
Urban Canvas
Urban Canvas explores the ability of art to create a sense of home within Detroit. It documents the potential of street art, public art, and community art in creating productive spaces. Through interviews and images, it demonstrates the role art can play in community solutions. Produced by: Emily Ovaert; Directed by: Levi Stroud; Cinematography by: Amanda Swoger; Edited by: Phillip Wachowiac.